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Career move


The law provides for security of tenure but when it comes to fixed-term contracts, there may be limitations.SOMETIMES an opportunity comes along for a well-paying job that appears too good to give a miss. One may already be holding a job that pays a fair salary with an assurance of security of tenure until retirement. Yet the job now being offered may have remuneration and benefits that are almost irresistible.However, the new job is offered on a three-year term with an option for renewal. One reader who is faced with such a situation wants to know how he can protect himself from being arbitrarily terminated in his new employment and losing out on the security of tenure he now enjoys.He wants to know whether he would have recourse to the Industrial Courts in the event that he is arbitrarily terminated, and whether he can be assured of the same security of tenure.In earlier times, a contract of employment was regarded as an ordinary contract to be governe…